What is VEGAP?

VEGAP (Visual Entidad de Gestión de Artistas Plásticos) is a non-profit organisation that represents more than one hundred thousand authors from all over the world in Spain.

Our organisation was created in 1990 by a group of Spanish artists to collectively manage their author´s rights pursuant to the Intellectual Property Law. That same year, VEGAP became a full member of CISAC, joining a network of societies representing visual artists from forty different countries.

VEGAP has signed reciprocal representation contracts with thirty-nine collective management societies from other countries, which are listed on our website (www.vegap.es). This means that the author´s rights of VEGAP members are managed not only in EU countries but also in countries from other continents such as Argentina, Brazil, Canada, United States, Mexico, Australia, Korea and Japan, among others.

Vegap is the organisation that manages the author´s rights of painters, sculptors, photographers, illustrators, designers, video artists, net artists and architects… the visual creators.

What does it mean to me?


Flexibility. VEGAP adapts to each member’s management needs. There is a management style to fit each need. Model contracts, licenses, fees, etc.

Efficiency. Through collective management it is possible to obtain very efficient results in protecting creators’ rights at a low cost.

Experience. VEGAP has a team of experts working in an organisation with more than twenty years of experience.

Networking. VEGAP members are part of a very important and large international network of creators.

Information. World-wide management provides members with highly detailed information on the use of their creations.

Advice. VEGAP members receive free legal and tax advice from VEGAP through "The Assistance and Cultural Fund".

Assistance. VEGAP members also receive other types of assistance free of charge through "The Assistance and Cultural Fund" such as a group of insurances, benefits and discounts on external services, etc.

Promotion. VEGAP promotes visual creation through seminars, awards, and conferences for artists and jurists specialized in author´s rights.

Image Bank. VEGAP members who wish to do so may take advantage of this service which supplies high quality digital reproductions of their work, previously authorised by them, accompanied by the pertinent licenses to regulate the use of those works.

How does it work?

Operating structure:

The operating structure of VEGAP at Madrid and Barcelona locations includes the following areas:

General Management, which is in charge of directing the entire work team (dgeneral@vegap.es);

Finance and Administration, which oversees collections and payments to authors (admon@vegap.es);

License Management, where all of the requests for authorisation to use the works of the authors represented by VEGAP are processed (licencias@vegap.es);

Legal Advice, an area which serves the entire organisation (serviciosjurídicos@vegap.es);

General Information (infomad@vegap.es, infobcn@vegap.es) and management services to members (socios@vegap.es);

Image Bank of Spanish Contemporary Art, which supplies high quality digital reproductions of the works previously endorsed and authorised by the authors and accompanied by the pertinent licenses which enable them to be reproduced for a variety of applications (bi@vegap.es).

Governing Bodies:

The VEGAP Shareholders’ Assembly is the organisation’s highest governing body. The Assembly determines how the authors’ rights will be managed, approves the accounts, appoints the representatives to the Board of Directors and resolves on other matters of interest to the members. The Assembly meets at least once a year.

The Standing Executive Committee is a small, ten-member committee of the Board of Directors that meets monthly to make decisions in relation to the on-going management of the Organisation.

The Board of Directors of VEGAP is elected every five years by the Associates Assembly and is composed of twenty members who must necessarily be members of the Organisation. The members of the Board of Directors may not be VEGAP employees and may not be legally prohibited or precluded from sitting on the Board. The Board is vested with powers of administration and representation stipulated in the by-laws. The Board chooses the President and Vice Presidents from among its members.

Which are my rights?

Moral and Economic Rights:

Authors have moral rights, such as the right to be recognised as authors or the right to protect their status as such. These rights are not managed but rather defended and Vegap helps the authors to defend them.

Vegap manages the economic rights of visual creators, recognised under the law. There are two types of economic rights: the right to exclusivity and the right to remuneration.

Exclusive rights (reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation) confer upon an author the exclusive right to authorise or refuse to authorise the reproduction of his/her work and the distribution and public communication of such reproductions through television broadcasts or inclusion in audio-visual productions, as well as the transformation of the works.

Remuneration rights compensates the author economically for limiting his/her rights in exchange for the benefit to society.

Participation rights remunerates the author by paying a percentage of the resale price of his/her work. Plastic artists, photographers and video-creators benefit from these rights.

Remuneration for private copies compensates visual creators for the fee use by citizens and for the private use of copies of the visual creations when these are incorporated into books, cultural or scientific publications or audio-visual media.

Vegap manages these rights on behalf of the authors that represents. In the case of exclusive rights, Vegap issues licenses to use the works, with the authors’ prior consent. Applicants must pay a fee for each license as established in the General Fee Schedule approved each year.

Vegap has signed hundreds of Agreements with Public and Private Institutions and Users Associations to guarantee that the author´s rights of visual artists are respected all over Spain.

How do I join?

Become a member:

Any author of visual creations (plastic arts, photography, illustration, graphic design, video creation, electronic art, architecture or comics) and anyone who holds their author´s rights (heirs or institutions) can become a member of VEGAP. Becoming a member of VEGAP is very simple and involves the following steps :

  • Request the necessary information and documentation from the Member Services Department (socios@vegap.es).
  • Choose the most suitable membership agreement.
  • Hand in or mail the following documentation: copy of national ID card, passport or residence permit, curriculum vitae, catalogue of works or photographs or images of them and two signed copies of the chosen membership agreement.
  • There is a one-time membership fee of €60.10 which is paid at the time of acceptance.

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